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Market Cap (USD)

733 T

Tokens BURNT

3 Easy Steps to Get Started

Here is 3 Easy Steps to Buy SafeBank and DBA. Download Trust Wallet, Deposit BNB (BEP-20) and connect to Pancake Swap to buy


100% Community Driven

Community driven & fair launch. Dev locked all team tokens for 2 years and participated in the fair launch with everyone else.


Automatic LP

Every trade contributes toward automatically generating liquidity locked inside PancakeSwap LP.

Live Updates

Road Map

Q1 2021
Protocol Initialized

We have successfully launched, deployed SafeBank for pre sale on PancakeSwap. We have also started integration process for other necessary APIs needed to support SafeBank mission. Our 25 Core team members worldwide are working hard daily. Marketing campaign has begun.

Q2 2021
The Initial Push

We will finish and launch the DafriBank Digital system on mainnet. We will finish and launch the DafriXchange full operation on mainnet with 20 trading pairs. We will secure more listing for SafeBank!

Q3 2021
Holding the Line

We will list SafeBank on more public exchanges. We will launch the DafriBank one million customer campaign. We will expand DafriXchange Payment Agent services to at least 30 more countries. We will perform our first token reduction.

Q4 2021
SafeBank Unstoppable!

We will finish the SafeBank Wallet with integrated P2P market place and fiat to crypto API. We will perform SafeBank token reduction. We will begin SafeBankSwap development which will be listed as DEX gateway on DafriXchange. We will launch DafriBank virtual card.

We've launched DBA Custodian Token private sales

For every single DBA purchased you will earn a million SafeBank. Limited token available!